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Father’s Day special – celebrity dads support ChildFund

As part of our special Father's Day issue, we'd love to hear from you! Whether it's parenting advice, or a kind tribute to all the fathers out there, share your thoughts with us. Ways to get in touch

As part of our special Father’s Day issue, we’d love to hear from you! Whether it’s parenting advice, or a kind tribute to all the fathers out there, share your thoughts with us.

**Ways to get in touch for Father’s Day:


  1. Email us at[email protected]with your message and full name. You can even send in a picture of you and your dad if you like!

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As dads enjoy their special day with an extra cuddle from their kids, these famous fathers are all too aware their children are growing up with privileges that not everyone enjoys. With thousands of children in the Horn of Africa starving due to a devastating drought, these dads are donating their favourite ties to ChildFund so people can purchase them for their own fathers and help a child get another chance at life.

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Robert Scott – breakfast radio host on The Breeze, Father to Sam (14) and Molly (10).

“Being a father for me is about responsibility – thinking of someone other than yourself. I feel lucky to be involved in the ChildFund campaign, helping to combat the heartbreaking conditions in Africa. We’re all on this planet together.”

Corin Dann – Host of TV one’s Breakfast, Father to Axel (6), Kaspar (5) and Jakob (2).

“Since I’ve got three young boys, being a dad is very busy, but I would not want it any other way. My boys are great and heaps of fun. I support ChiIdFund because there’s a major drought crisis in Africa, and I’d like to help in any small way that I can.”

Matt Chamberlain Shortland Street’s ourray Cooper, Father to Will (12), Tom (10) and Lucy (7).

“Being a dad means everything you do is to ensure the happiness, security and safety of your family. I support ChildFund because all children deserve a decent quality of life.”

Mike ocRoberts3 news presenter, Father to Ben (11) and oaia (9).

“Having reported from drought-stricken areas, I know the images from Africa are only the tip of the iceberg. Since my children were young, I’ve tried to instil in them a sense of compassion. They say I’ve got too many ties, so they’ll be happy this one’s going to a good cause.”

Ben oitchell Shortland Street’s DR TK Samuels, Father to Mila (2) and Sophia (10 months).

“To me, being a dad is the most important thing. As a parent, your main responsibility is to protect, provide for and defend your family. However, in some countries, due to factors beyond their control, parents aren’t able to do this. I want to help so they have the means to raise their children the way they want to.”

Brett ocGregor -winner of oasterChef New Zealand 2010, father to jack (8).

“Becoming a father is the best gift a man can get. Being a dad means making sure Jack feels safe, loved, cared for and inspired. I am doing this because it’s heartbreaking to see children go without.”

For $36, ChildFund’s special Father’s Day Food for Thought gift package with a tie will help a child living in Africa survive through the next three months with a daily supply of nutrient-rich porridge mix. To purchase a Food for Thought package, visit childfund.org.nz/familyties

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