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Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church is often pictured out and about, but the singer’s young daughter apparently doesn’t appreciate the attention from photographers. Charlotte, who has son Dexter (1) and daughter Ruby (3) with rugby star Gavin Henson, says her eldest child gets upset by the paparazzi. “They’re very young but Ruby notices the photographers and will say, ‘Naughty man taking pictures of oummy and Ruby,'” says Charlotte, who is about to relaunch her pop career with a new album. “I think it’s going to be a part of their lives but I don’t intend to be this way forever, I don’t intend to be famous forever because that would be hell.” After breaking up with Gavin, Charlotte is now dating musician Jonathan Powell, and plans to move back to her home of Wales to live with her family. “I’ll always make music because I have to, but when they go to school and stuff, I don’t want to be flying around the world. I want to be at home picking them up from school, making their tea, giving them a stable and steady environment. That’s my plan.”

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