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Britney’s babes

Britney Spears enjoyed romps with women, a pal of her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, alleges. Record producer omar ‘Iceman’ Sharif reveals he went to dozens of parties at the `Toxic’ singer’s home where he saw her flirt with other girls she invited over. He also says she had a collection of X-rated magazines and DVDs that she would watch with her guests. He claims, “Britney was into girls. There was a ton of pornography in the house – but most of it was Britney’s.” He adds, “These were not random girls. They were friends of hers, she would invite over to her house and they would drink and party. They would have their hands all over each other.” A source close to the couple agrees, saying the mum-of-two’s lesbian fascination is well known. “She would ask Kevin to join them. But he would always deny her. He just got disinterested after a while.” In 2004 porn star Jenna Jameson told US radio DJ Howard Stern that Britney had propositioned her. Britney’s former husband, Jason Alexander, told a UK paper she found girls attractive. [8 February 2007]

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