Watch: Men experience the pain of childbirth

Wouldn’t it be great if men could feel the pain we feel?
Men experience the pain of childbirth

Men experience the pain of childbirth

It’s the age-old argument that no-one can ever win. Who has the higher pain tolerance – women or men? What it always comes down to is men claiming childbirth would be a breeze for them, due to their inherent tough-ness.

And now, the Try Guys have put themselves to the test – giving the pain of labour a go.

Using electrodes to forcibly contract the muscles like a woman in labour, the four men experience the closest thing to labour that can be recreated (and the results are hilarious).

Screaming in pain during the procedure, the men eventually call for an ‘epidural’ in the hope that their pain will end.

Concluding the experience, one of the Try Guys said earnestly: “I love my mum, I’m sorry I did this to her.”

“Your mum is the toughest person in the universe.”

Another says hilariously: “I’m sorry that people ever think that they can tell you what to do with your body, because you already have to deal with your body and it wants to kill you.”

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