Tantrums, tears and mischief! Celebrity kids behaving, well, like kids

From tantrums in front of heads of state, to ruining important photo calls - even celebrities, royals and politicians have to deal with naughty kids.
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They may have all the help in the world, but these celebrity parents still aren’t immune to naughty children. From teary tantrums to toddler mischief, here we list the most hilarious and relatable moments these A-lister mums and dads have had to endure with the entire world watching.

Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien is so over it

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s youngest son, three-year-old Hadrien is quickly becoming our favourite child in the spotlight. To be frank, this little boy couldn’t care less that his dad is one of the world’s most important men or that all eyes are on his family. He just wants the photos, speeches and meet-and-greets to end so he can get on with having fun.

And we don’t blame him! Take a look at some of his most cheeky moments.

Hadrien does not like speeches.

When looking through your legs is more exciting than greeting the Prime Minister of India.

When you finally beat the crowd to get an obstructed shot in front of the glorious Taj Mahal and your youngest has the sun in their eyes…

Hadrien can’t handle the holiday snaps anymore.

Hadrien’s hilarious behaviour has caught the attention of the internet where memes, collages and gifs have been made in his honour!

North West says “no pictures”

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West is a little girl with a big voice

North West must take after her dad, whose infamous public tantrums have made headlines his entire career. While heading to her dance class escorted by a nanny, the tiny tot was filmed by paparazzi shouting, “I said no pictures!”.

We don’t blame the daughter of selfie queen Kim Kardashian for her mini diva moment, who was just three years old at the time.

Watch North West tell off the paps in the video below!

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Princess Charlotte’s tantrum on the tarmac

How could we forget this adorable episode!

Even royalty have to deal with the terrible twos!

Princess Charlotte’s mini meltdown came as the family were making a last minute stop on their 2017 trip to Germany, to visit an Airbus training facility in Hamburg. Not too enthused by the stop off, Charlotte was more interested in grabbing the papers her mother was holding. When the Duchess gently took the papers back from her child, an unhappy Charlotte showed her upset by stomping her tiny feet before throwing herself onto the tarmac.

Watch the (cute) commotion unfold in the video below!

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While we’re sure Prince George has had is fair share of tantrums, one of the best toddler moments the young royal has gifted us was when he so cutely pressed his face against the window of a sea plane. This move was particularly un-royal, yet so typical of a little boy.

Bon voyage little Prince!

Pink’s family portrait

Just one nice family photo – please!

All parents will be able to relate to this one. Pink, her husband Carey Hart and their children Willow and little bub Jameson are all dolled up for music’s night of nights The Grammys – a perfect opportunity to get a nice family shot. As soon as the camera went snap, Jameson appears to have broken into floods of tears. Ah, well…There goes that one!

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