WATCH: Little boy steals diamond ring to propose to classmate

His mum's probably not going to be too pleased.
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Childhood love stories are the stuff of legend, but one little boy has turned to theft to win over his schoolyard sweetheart.

Known only as “Tommy”, the youngster popped the question to his crush, Millie, in fantastic fashion – a three-diamond engagement ring!

In a hilarious video filmed by Millie’s parents, the very puzzled grown-ups try to process the fact their little girl has been given a rather expensive looking ring – right off the finger of Tommy’s mum.

Millie’s dad begins by explaining she was proposed to at school by Tommy, before detailing how he and Millie’s mum expected to see a candy ring on their daughter’s finger.

But when pushed to show the sweet piece of jewellery, Millie instead pulls out the diamonds.

The lad has only gone and “stolen his mother’s engagement ring,” Millie’s dad says, between the family’s laughter, “which has three enormous diamonds”.

Fair to say, Millie looks pretty pleased with herself, and the dad’s not standing int he way of young love, adding “Go on then Tommy”.

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