Mum receives backlash for ‘ridiculous and stupid’ baby name

Is it anyone's business but the parents?
Baby name choice

Baby name choice

One parent has received a barrage of abuse after sharing her proposed baby name on a UK childcare forum.

The mum from the UK shared with Mumsnet that she was thinking of naming her daughter Iris James – and fellow parents were certainly not happy.

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“Just ridiculous and stupid,” wrote one network user, while another shamed her for not thinking her decision through.

“It’s not you who had to live with that name but your potential daughter,” they wrote.

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Iris was a popular baby name in the United Kingdom during the last century, though it has somewhat fallen out of favour in recent years.

But James, that has traditionally been a boys or surname, was what seemed to rile people up the wrong way.

“Why lumber your daughter with a boy’s name? Pretty ill thought out,” wrote another user.

However there were a few on the mum’s side, with one saying that the whole purpose of a middle name is “to embarrass a child in later life – so James will be fine.”

In 2015 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds revealed that their first daughter was named James Reynolds, moving against more traditional monikers.

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