Blogger mum’s post about post-natal depression goes viral

“To the woman at the doctors surgery, waiting patiently to request some antidepressants, I salute you.”

By Skye Ross
Blogger mum of four Constance Hall has been commended for her frank Facebook post about post-natal depression. In two days it’s gone viral, attracting over 240,000 likes, 115,000 shares and more than 11,000 comments, most of which salute the 32-year-old artist from Perth, Australia for her honesty and openness towards the often hush-hush topic.
“As a mother of 8, I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read your words and think ... Hey I'm not a failure,” one reader wrote.
“I'm a mum of a 12 week old... I'm on antidepressants.. He's playing while I check Facebook having a coffee! I've got dishes to do and got a beautiful baby wobble bum and tum! Screw what people think!” said another.
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Constance with her 'mini army of Love'. Photo: Facebook
Her post reads:
To the woman at the park, looking at her phone, ignoring her children, I salute you.
For not giving into the public perception that you should be switched on, 24 hours a day.
For giving no f---- about what "constable mother's group" thinks.
To the woman with piles of dishes and washing who walks straight out the door for a coffee at her friends, I salute you.
Being a good mum or wife or human does NOT mean spending eternity cleaning your house. If you leave them for long enough your friends will start doing them. Trust me.
To the woman at the doctors surgery, waiting patiently to request some antidepressants, I salute you.
Post natal depression is a rude little c---. You are still coping, do not confuse depression for not coping, you've taken action, you look like a coping queen to me.
Too often strength and weakness are confused, strength is asking for help.
You are so strong.
So many women are going through the exact same thing, they just don't talk about it.
To the woman who didn't loose all of that baby weight, I salute you.
A brand new 24 hour job that doesn't pay and won't end for around 20 years is NOT a good time to give up cake. Eat the cake, eat the whole f------ cake and f--- off anyone who dares to say anything. Your post baby body is not all the sudden free for public commentary.
Lots of love,
A fellow mum, who's days are full of mammoth fails and micro victories, yet who's heart still manages to repeatedly explode for the mini army of Love all day.