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She's our new weekly columnist who calls herself a 'sleep deprived, feminist, ranty mum of two – a toddler and a newborn – living in New Zealand', who likes coffee, Bruce Dickinson, and her kids. Sometimes in that order.
Emily Writes from 'Mama Said'

Emily Writes is the author of parenting blog Mama Said, and is our new weekly columnist. Based in Wellington she’s the mum of two boys under three. She offers a raw, honest and refreshing look into parenting – the ups and downs and everything in between.

For the people who haven’t read your blog – what is it all about?

It celebrates children and the joy and privilege of raising wee ones, without shying away from the hard stuff. Parenting is incredibly rewarding but it can also be really, really hard. So I write about everything – including the times when I’m overwhelmed and feeling lost.

Was there one pivotal moment that made you decide to start a blog?

I was absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed with my second baby when a relative messaged me on Facebook telling me that I should just “be grateful.” I was furious and wrote a rant about it, thinking that maybe a couple of friends would read it and have a laugh, but it ended up getting over a million hits. Suddenly I had 15,000 emails and phone calls from the media wanting to interview me. I kept writing blogs and people kept reading – and now it’s changed my life.

Emily with her two boys. The dinosaur outfit was a non-negotiable on our photoshoot!

What makes your blog different to other “mummy blogs”?

I guess because it’s brutally honest. It’s not about how to have the perfect nursery décor, or about bashing working mums or stay at home mums. It’s a safe, judgment free place where we say “Hey mums! You’re doing awesome! It’s hard, but you’ll get there.”

Will you let your kids read your blog when they’re older?

Absolutely. I want them to see that I love raising them but that I’m a person as well as their mum. I hope that in every blog it shines through how much I adore my boys; they’re the light of my life.

How do you handle the criticism of your blog?

I find it very, very hard, but mostly I’m just hugely grateful to my readers. They stand up for me and they’re protective of me. I want to give each and every one of them a hug and drink wine with them!

Interview: Sinead Corcoran

Photos: Nicola Edmonds

Makeup: Leanne Hoare for Hil Cook Makeup

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