Baby-naming experts top picks for 2017

Some are feminist-inspired names. Others are simply god-like!
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Name Berry has published their official findings on what they say are going to be the biggest baby name trends for 2017.

Some of them we love – others we’re not so sure!

Ultimate power names

Yes, names like Zeus , Messiah and Thor are apparently going to rise in popularity. Worryingly, Lucifer and Kali also made it onto their predictions.

Literary names

The service say authors’ names, both first and last, like Austen, Bronte, Poe, Wilde and Zadie will be popular. Might as well start them on an intellectual path!

Feminist names

This is a cool idea. Name Berry reckons parents will name their babies after their feminist heroes. Ruth (Bader Ginsberg), Simone (de Beauvoir and Biles), Emmeline (Pankhurst) and Frida (Kahlo) are all expected to trend.

Water names

The service also hypothesises that fashionable names will be water-related – Bay, Lake, Ocean, River, Marina and Nile, to be exact.

‘O’ names

Olivia, Olive, Ophelia, Oscar, Owen and Oliver are all gaining popularity.

Inspirational names

There’ll apparently be a move towards positive virtues, which is nice! Think Justice, True, Grace and Zen. Or even the name of the latest Kardashian baby… Dream!

Fierce animal names

Name Berry call it the most ‘interesting’ name trend. There may be a shift towards fierce animal baby names, mostly for boys: Puma, Jaguar, Python, Fox and Wolf. Interesting indeed!

Read the full list here

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