20 beautiful Swedish baby name ideas and their meanings

Have you got Scandi fever? Take a look at some of these beautiful and original baby names from Sweden.
Swedish baby names

Swedish baby names

From Elsa to Karina, Axel to Strom – these Swedish baby names are enough to get you transforming your family into a bunch of Scandi-wannabes.

For Boys

Axel (pronounced Ak-Sel)

Meaning: Father of Peace.

Alvar (pronounced Al-Var)

Meaning: Elf Warrior.

Claes (pronounced KLAHS)

Meaning: People’s triumph.

Halvar (pronounced HAHL-vahr)

Meaning: Defender of the rock.

Fredrik (pronounced FRED-rik)

Meaning: Calm monarch.

Mats (pronounced Mahts)

Meaning: God’s present.

Olander (pronounced o-LAHN-der)

Meaning: Sweden.

Ruben (pronounced RUY-ben)

Meaning: See my son.

Stefan (pronounced STE-fahn)

Meaning: Man with crown.

Strom (pronounced STROHM)

Meaning: River.

Names for girls

Asta (pronounced AHS-tah)

Meaning: Divine beauty.

Dahlia (pronounced DAL-ya)

Meaning: Dahlia flower.

Effie (pronounced EH – fee)

Meaning: Well spoken.

Ellinor (pronounced EH-li-nawr)

Meaning: Sympathy, compassion.

Elsa (pronounced EL-sah)

Meaning: God is my oath.

Karina (pronounced kah-REE-nah)

Meaning: Chaste, pure.

Lotta (pronounced LAW-ta)

Meaning: Free woman.

Margareta (pronounced mahr-ga-RE-tah)

Meaning: Pearl.

Sanna (pronounced SAH-nah)

Meaning: Lily.

Stella (pronounced STEL-ah)

Meaning: Star.

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