Matilda and Art Green share their first family photo – and what a happy trio they make!

And Milo makes three on a weekend outing for the happy new parents.
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Matilda and Art Green have shared their first family photo, and a happier little family unit you’d be hard-pressed to find.

Matilda posted the image on social media with the simple caption, “First family photo”.

The image shows the couple happily posing for the camera in front of a picturesque little pond at a winery on Waiheke Island, Auckland, and at first glance you could almost be mistaken for thinking that only the new parents are in the shot.

But look again and you spy a tiny, sleeping Milo nestled into his dad’s chest in a front pack. New mum Matilda rests a protective hand on Milo’s back and Art looks every bit the father figure with one arm firmly around Matilda’s shoulders, drawing her in close to himself and their new son.

Since the birth of wee Milo on September 4, both parents have given little hints as to how life is going with their precious newborn. Matilda shared on Instagram that she’s leaving the house now “prepared for every scenario” – which means she’s packing everything except the kitchen sink – and Art shared in the Instagram post below that the couple are slowly getting used to the broken sleep that comes with new parenthood.

In the post which features an image of Art fresh out of the water from a morning swim he wrote, “My favourite way to start the day 🏊‍♂️❄️ Slowly getting used to the broken sleep that comes with parenthood.

“We’re two weeks in and this next chapter of life is starting to sink in, and I couldn’t be happier 👪.”

Milo Kenneth Green was born in a planned home birth at the couple’s Warkworth home.

Art revealed that Matilda even laboured through a power cut, and said Matilda was “incredible, using breathing techniques to remain calm and strong throughout.

“I even got to deliver the little guy,” he said with pride. “Tell ya what, they are slippery little octopuses when they come out. Everyone is happy and healthy and filled with love.”

Following the birth announcement, the couple fielded criticism from an anonymous doctor who accused the couple of being irresponsible in promoting home birth. The doctor, whose views were published by the NZ Herald and have since been taken offline, claimed that home birth was dangerous.

Art Green Matilda baby milo

Art and Matilda were subjected to criticism following their home birth. Image: Getty

Matilda responded a few days later with a subtly-worded message on Instagram: “I haven’t replied to every message, but just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has taken the time to send a nice message or leave a nice comment, we really appreciate it.

“Especially after that horrid news article, it’s nice to be reminded that there are far more kind people in the world than otherwise.”

The New Zealand College of Midwives also responded to the article, saying, “The comment from an anonymous doctor… does not give an accurate view of the evidence on this option for birth in New Zealand and needs to be challenged on a number of points.

“In New Zealand, planned home birth with professional support from a registered midwife is an option that is both publicly funded and promoted by the Ministry of Health.

“Home birth is a safe choice for many women. Women who have home births use less pain relief and have fewer caesarean sections and forceps than women who give birth in hospital.”

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