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Woman graduates from university she was abandoned at as baby

Proof that there’s always hope.
Woman graduates from university she was dumped at

Woman graduates from university she was dumped at

Thirty years ago, a student at San Franciso University gave birth in her dorm, then abandoned her baby in the laundry room.

But in an amazing twist, that baby has grown up to graduate from the very same university she was deserted at, despite all the obstacles put in her way.

Jillian Sobol, 31, wrote a letter to San Fran’s State President explaining her story.

“Hope is the thing I believe my mother had when she made her choice. I’m here today making my own choices,” she wrote.

“Thirty years later I am here to face the past, complete the circle, and move forward, into the future.”

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Graduating on Friday with a Bachelor’s Degree, Jillian told the San Francisco Chronicle that her journey to higher education was not easy, and that she had dyslexia, ADHD and learning disabilities growing up.

And amazingly, Jillian says she forgives her biological mum for giving her up, and that she is grateful she gave her the gift of life.

“That’s a horrible spot to be in for a woman, where the only choice she had was to abandon her child in a box,” Jillian told the Chronicle.

“I’ve faced it by not letting it dictate my life. The love and support I’ve been raised with has allowed me to embrace it and not run from it or be scared by it.”

Speaking of her story, she said: “I believe it to be a story of hope, joy, optimism, family and San Francisco State University.”

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