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Kind mum breastfeeds abandoned baby

A mother from China has been hailed a hero after breastfeeding an abandoned baby girl found on the street.
Woman breastfeeds abandoned baby

Woman breastfeeds abandoned baby

The unnamed woman, who is believed to be 26-years-old, volunteered to feed the child when it was found dumped in the streets on north west China this month.

People’s Daily Online reports that a passerby found the baby girl wrapped in bedding inside a storage box, with half a bag of milk and the equivalent of $20 beside her.

It was then that a passing young woman, who happened to be a new mum, took it upon herself to feed the baby herself to stop her from crying.

According to social worker in the city, the baby has suspected cerebal palsy and potentially other conditions too.

The baby’s story has quickly gone viral, with many hailing the breastfeeding woman as “the most beautiful mother.”

However, others have warned that the woman’s behaviour was actually quite reckless, as some diseases can be passed on through breastfeeding.

Infections can be passed from mother to baby, but also from child to mother – meaning the mum could be putting her own child at risk from feeding the abandoned infant.

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