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Grieving mother’s heartbreaking message to drug dealers

The Florida mum would have been celebrating her daughter's 28th birthday this month.
Mum with ashes

Mum with ashes

A grieving mother has posted a heart-rending message to drug dealers, after her daughter was killed by a drug overdose.

On what would have been her daughter Ashley’s 28th birthday, Florida mum Tina Wells Louden posted a tragic image of her child’s ashes, asking dealers “how do you live with yourself???”

The full Facebook post reads: “To my daughter’s drug dealer, this is how I spend my daughter’s birthday now…how do you live with yourself??? That’s all I wanna know…I don’t normally post pics like this but let’s make this go viral so all the drug dealers see what they are doing to our families.”

The message has garnered almost 90 thousand likes since it was posted earlier this month, with many lending their support to the bereaved mother.

Some however criticised the mum’s approach, pointing out people have a personal responsibility to stay away from drugs.

“If people didn’t buy drugs, drug dealers would be out of business. I understand this woman is hurt, but her daughter knew every time she shot up dope what she risked. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and families need to understand, they can’t save or help anyone if they don’t want it…Everyone is accountable.”

Others on the post shared their equally tragic experiences with drugs. One woman, Helga, admitted that her best friend had just died from a bad batch of heroin.

“I blame him for being stupid, I blame him because he just got out of jail and was getting his life together and then one day he got $40K back from the union and thought nothing could touch him. He bought a brand new car and then got some heroin and died the next day. I blame him for it. I don’t blame the dealer, because my friend bought the stuff. He injected it into his vein. He did it to himself. I get your anger. I know how it feels, you feel the need to blame everyone but them. But you have to realise that they chose to do it. It’s hard to think like that about someone you love so dearly, but it’s the truth.”

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