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McLeod’s Daughters star reveals heroin addiction

“I was a heroin addict.”

McLeod’s Daughters star Zoe Naylor has revealed she once battled a serious drug addiction.

“In my late teens and early 20s, I was a heroin addict,” the 39-year-old, who played Regan McLeod on the Aussie drama, revealed on The Daily Edition yesterday.

Zoe explained in the interview that she became addicted to heroin before she found fame as an actress, blaming her boyfriend at the time.

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“I was a clichéd overachiever – I was head girl of my school, had a scholarship to uni,” she said.

She admitted she had a “history of addiction” and would have “termed myself a party girl or a good time girl”.

The cast of McLeod’s Daughters.

However, seven years ago, she hit the addiction on the head and is now focused on her journey of awakening, and encouraged others to connect with themselves and find their own centre.

She now has two children with her Kiwi-born husband Aaron Jeffrey who she met on McLeod’s Daughers.

Zoe and Aaron

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