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Dad hilariously mocks daughter’s selfies

Dad - 1, Kids - 0.
Cassie and Chris Martin

Cassie and Chris Martin

It’s part of a parent’s job to embarrass their offspring. And this dad is taking his role especially seriously – even taking the time to mimic his teenage daughter’s selfies on social media.

Cassie Martin’s dad Chris saw what his daughter was posting on sites like Facebook and Instagram – which included pouty shots of the teen showing off her various tattoos.

Uploading her dad’s mocking shots to Facebook, Cassie has gathered thousands of followers thanks to her father’s jokes.

“My dad harasses me on social media” Cassie captioned a split screen snap of her with leaves on her head, next to her father rocking the same look. He’d even recreated her distinctive tattoo and pulled down his white tank.

In another shot, Chris dons his daughter’s printed pants and crop tee, while also drawing on her sternum tattoo.

But it’s not just his daughter Chris targets; he also has a young son who is not exempt from his mockery.

We think that’s Dad 1, Kids 0.

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