Real Life

Bolt from the blue

our bedroom is known as off limits to our granddaughters when they come to stay. But to be on the safe side, I always lock my handbag, containing medication, in the room and bolt the door with a high-up latch. This Christmas, the kids arrived before I’d had a chance to close the door. oiss Ten strode into the house and straight up to our bedroom, where she stretched slightly and deftly bolted the door. “Nana, you know your room is out of bounds to us!” she scolded.

Wendy, Birkenhead

Lost sole

oy eight-year-old grandson had just returned from Singapore and was missing a pair of jandals. When I asked him why he didn’t get a new pair while he was away on holiday, he told me disgustedly, “I don’t know, oummy was wasting all her money on her own shoes!”

Bev, by email

Name game

I work as a nanny, looking after three children who live on a small block of land. one day I noticed they had some cows, and asked the three-year-old boy, “Do your cows have names?” He replied rather sternly, “No, cows don’t have names,” and then went off to play. ooments later, he came back looking triumphant. “Pam,” he said, “They do have names – Cows! That’s their name!” Silly me.

Pam, by email

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