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Wife who killed cheating husband in road rage attack gives emotional first interview from prison

She was jailed for just two years.

Frances Hall, 53, was jailed for just two years after running her husband Bill Hall Jr. off the road in Texas in 2013.

A jury unanimously decided she committed the crime with “sudden passion” and handed her the lightest possible sentence.

She claims she wasn’t trying to hurt her husband – he just happened to get in the way, so to speak.

Hall was driving when she spotted her husband on his Harley Davidson closely followed by his mistress, Bonnie Contreras (pictured below), who was driving their family car.

Seeing red, she did a U-turn and began chasing his young mistress, before ramming into her car repeatedly. She says she killed Bill by accident when her car hit the side of his bike.

Hall knew her husband was having an affair with Contreras – the mistress had told her over text, sending abusive messages regularly to taunt her, including pictures of her naked with Bill. CBS News reports she sent diagrams of a uterus as Frances had previously had a hysterectomy.

Hall was jailed for aggravated assault for hitting the vehicle driven by Contreras, then aged 28.

Now Frances Hall has given her first interview behind bars to Crime Watch Daily:.

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“I love him and he is the only man I will love this way. Sometimes, I tell my kids that all that’s left of me is a shell of a woman. But I have to be there for them, they lost their father.”

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