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What would you do if you won the $44 million Lotto jackpot?

With the rollover at record levels - we ask Kiwis what they would spend $44 million on doing.
Lotto Powerball

Lotto Powerball

On Wednesday night one lucky Kiwi (or several) will win the incredible $44 million Lotto Powerball.

The highest ever jackpot in Powerball history must absolutely be won this week, says Lotto’s chief exec, Wayne Pickup, after it surpassed the $38 million mark,

“With a Must Be Won draw, we know that there is definitely going to be one or more winners this Wednesday and with a jackpot this size, the win is going to be life changing,” says Wayne.

If no single ticket wins, the prize pool rolls down to the next highest Division with winners.

And with such a fortune up for grabs, we asked Kiwis what they’d do if they had the lucky ticket.

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What I’d do if I won lotto

“I’d take my friends for an expensive meal, before handing them a box each with a business class ticket to Bora Bora.”

“I’d build a house on an island with lots of grass, a turret, a pond and a library and at least 10 West Highland Terriers.”

“I’d start by spending a year living in Italy, drinking martini rosso and learning how to make the perfect pasta carbonara.”

“Buy two sprawling properties – one in New Zealand and one back home in England – and flit between them whenever I wanted.”

“I would buy houses for my two siblings who can’t get on the property ladder, pay off the rest of my mortgage, and use the rest to travel the world in style.”

“I’d buy my company, then turn up at work and announce I’m now my bosses’ boss.”

“Travel forever.”

“Buy a castle. Build a drawbridge. Shut out the world and have some crazily decadent parties with everyone I love.”

“Fly to Las Vegas and convince Britney Spears to go on one an amazing date with me.”

“Pay my favourite musicians to come and play a music festival just for me and my friends.”

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