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Tourist’s leg blown off in Central Park

New York Tourist has leg blown off

New York Tourist has leg blown off

A young tourist who was exploring New York’s Central Park has had his life changed forever, after his foot was ‘blown off’ by an explosive device.

Connor Golden, 19, was climbing on rocks with two friends when the accident occurred yesterday at 11am (local time).

Horrified witnesses describe seeing the severed foot and part of his left be ‘blown off’ in the blast.

The teenager was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan in a critical condition.

Connor was rushed to hospital

It is believed Connor stepped on a firework on the ground, as there were traces of firework wrappers discovered on the rocks.

According to reports, Connor may need to have his left leg amputated to save his life.

Connor, originally from Washington DC, was visiting New York with his two friends, Thomas Hinds, 20, and Joseph Stabile, 18.

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