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This hilarious viral video shows what working from home is really like for parents

Working at home with kids on the loose comes with its own risks!
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If you’re a parent and you work from home there plenty of benefits – especially if the kids aren’t there with you.

But, sometimes you’ve just got get on with it no matter what, as this live BBC debate with political scientist Robert E Kelly shows.

Kelly was on live television handling some serious questions following the ousting of South Korea’s president Park Guen-hye, when his children decided to “join” him.

First his daughter, a young toddler wearing a bright yellow jumper and glasses, struts into the room, obviously curious to see who her dad is talking to.

Kelly, an academic based at South Korean university, remains absolutely focussed on the questions he is answering, although makes a blind attempt to bat the child away.

Soon after, he’s joined by his baby son, expertly manoeuvring his way into the room in his walker.

At this point in the interview, it very much seems as though Kelly may lose it, and can be seen desperately trying to contain his laughter.

Adding to the already comedic scenario, Kelly’s wife comes scrambling into the room and tries to corral the youngsters. Only this time, the walker won’t fit through the door.

While she manages in the end, loud wailing can be heard behind a closed door.

Once the family has been more or less contained, the interview continues.

After the segment wrapped, presenter James Mernendez tweeted: “Hard to keep a straight face” and “It was the desperate reach for the door at the end that nearly did it for me…”

Later he added: “Having watched it all back, all credit@Robert_E_Kelly for keeping it going. Come back to @bbcworld soon, with or without your lovely family!”

Kelly’s own response on Twitter: “Is this kinda thing that goes viral and gets weird?”

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