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Man allegedly kills father, hides body in freezer

He then took money from his dad’s car to buy a drink.
Man allegedly kills father, hides body in freezer

An American man is currently in custody after he allegedly killed his father and then hid his body in a freezer.

27-year-old Omar Carmona was charged with first-degree murder and third-degree desecration of a corpse, PEOPLE reports.

He allegedly told police he got into a fight with his father, Marco, because his father wouldn’t stand guard for him while he was taking a shower.

According to the probable cause statement obtained by PEOPLE, Omar allegedly choked his father for 20 minutes while his father struggled to get away.

He then placed his father’s body and phone in the freezer.

Carmona then allegedly went to his father’s truck and took some money to buy a drink.

“Omar then took cleaner and gloves and cleaned up the mess which was made during the struggle,” the report states.

It is believed the alleged attack was the result of “some kind of paranoid delusion bought about by some mental illness,” Randy Kennard, Deputy Utah County Attorney said.

Carmona is currently being held in jail and is scheduled to appear in court on June 23.

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