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Girl dies after kissing boyfriend

Now, her mother is speaking out about the dangers of food allergies.
Girl dies after kissing boyfriend

The mother of a young woman who died from an allergic reaction after kissing her boyfriend has spoken about the dangers of food allergies.

20-year-old Myriam Ducré-Lemay was at a party in Montreal back in 2012 with her new boyfriend when the incident occurred, her mother Micheline Ducré recently told Journal de Quebec.

When the party ended, they both went back to the boyfriend’s house and while she was getting ready for bed, he ate a peanut butter sandwich.

He then brushed his teeth however Myriam – who had not yet told him about her severe peanut allergy – went to kiss him when she began suffering a shortness of breath.

“She wouldn’t have had the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy,” her mother said.

Sadly, her inhaler didn’t work and she didn’t have her EpiPen with her.

Despite efforts made by paramedics, they were unable to save her.

Now, as the coroner has released the report on Myriam’s death, her mother has warned others to carry a Medic Alert bracelet and always carry their EpiPen with them.

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