Unlucky-in-love MAFS bride Ning sells her unworn wedding dress in an attempt to ‘bury’ her past

"Let's say I have been hanging onto this dress for a long time. You just have to bury your past," Ning said.
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Unlucky-in-love Married At First Sight Australia bride Ning Surasiang is selling her wedding dress.

No, not the wedding dress she married groom Mark Scrivens in, on the show. This is a wedding dress that Ning had before appearing on MAFS.

Pre-MAFS, Ning had been engaged to the father of her two youngest children but the couple parted ways, leaving Ning with an unworn wedding dress.

“De cluttering my wardrobe, any takers on my unworn wedding dress from Alfred Angelo…” the Queensland-based hairdresser and mother of three shared on social media.

“Why don’t you hang on to it?” one person asked.

“Let’s say I have been hanging onto this dress for a long time. You just have to bury your past,” Ning replied.

Another asked what the story was behind the dress.

“The story is they all lived happily ever apart,” Ning replied.

Ning has three children, who were listed in her biography when the show aired last year as aged 15, seven and three. She had left home at a young age and had a baby at 16, then met a man she thought was ‘the one’. But after having two children together and becoming engaged they parted ways – leaving Ning with a wedding dress she never got to wear.

Ning joined MAFS knowing she had trust issues, and hoped to overcome them with the right groom – but sadly, her relationship with ex-army man Mark proved to be a rollercoaster ride too.

The couple got off to a rocky start when Ning rejected Mark at the alter, but she warmed to him over the course of the experiment, and despite their intimacy issues, told Mark that she wholeheartedly wanted to be with him beyond the experiment.

But Mark stunned Ning – and viewers – when he told Ning he hadn’t found love with her.

She appeared devastated.

The couple seemed to get back together though, leaving together following the show’s explosive reunion dinner party. Ning told an Australian radio show, “Let’s just say I went back to his place after the reunion.

“Let’s be honest… our relationship has been under the microscope the whole time, so some things are better left unsaid,” she said, before adding “I’m not confirming or denying anything.”

Ning and Mark at the explosive reunion dinner party.

But then Mark dashed our hopes for a second time, telling a different radio show that he hadn’t seen Ning since the night of the reunion dinner.

He added that he couldn’t deny that they’d spent the night together but said: “We are still friends. We remain amicable. But we definitely aren’t together.”

Like a dagger through our hearts.

All we can hope is that Ning eventually finds love, and the perfect wedding dress to match.

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