MAFS’ Mark and Ning are not back together again after all – despite getting together at the reunion dinner party

Like a dagger through our hearts.

In the most disappointing news of all time, MAFS’ Mark has revealed he and Ning are NOT back together, despite spending the night together after the MAFS reunion dinner.

We know. We are more than annoyed and down in the dumps about it too.

But it has come from the horse’s mouth. Speaking to an Australian radio show, the Hit Network’s Weekend Breakfast, Mark has said he hasn’t seen Ning since the night of the reunion dinner. And even worse – that they are “definitely” not together.

“We haven’t seen each other since late January,” Mark said. He added that he “can’t deny” that they spent the night together after the reunion dinner, but followed that up with the most upsetting words in the world: “We are still friends. We remain amicable. But we definitely aren’t together.”

Like a dagger through our hearts.

He also told listeners he had been inundated with women ‘sliding into his DMs’ looking for a date. We have six words for you, Mark: Don’t you even think about it.

Only a week ago Ning had hinted on Australian radio show Hit 103.5 that a retake on their relationship was a possibility.

She confirmed they’d spent the night together then said: “Let’s be honest… our relationship has been under the microscope the whole time, so some things are better left unsaid. I’m not confirming or denying anything.”

And there had been other hints that all was not over. Mark had been calling and texting Ning in the days leading up to the reunion dinner and he also arrived with a beard, giving Ning the sign she’d needed confirm he was, in fact, still interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

While the couple got off to a rocky start, with Ning telling Mark on their wedding day that she was just there for the food, by final commitment ceremony day she was totally in, and MAFS viewers have enjoyed watching the couple’s relationship deepen.

Mark’s dumping of Ning at the final vow ceremony came as a shock to all, and viewers still held out hope that the couple would reunite.

Now those hopes have been truly dashed, and we’re just going to go home now and pick up some chocolate and wine on the way, and spend an evening watching desperately sad movies on Netflix. Are you with us?

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