Groom recreates iconic Neighbours wedding for surprised bride

An Aussie-born man living in the UK was inspired by Scott and Charlene's '80s wedding on Neighbours so much that he repeated it for is own.
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Australia-born Adam decided that for his own big day, he wanted to repeat the most iconic Australian wedding of all time – Scott and Charlene’s ‘80s nuptials on Neighbours.

Appearing on a recent episode of the UK TV show Don’t Tell The Bride, the 33-year-old was given £14,000 (more than NZD $25,000) to plan his entire wedding without his wife-to-be, 29-year-old Rachel, knowing a single detail.

On the big day, she was styled to look just like Kylie Minogue’s character, Charlene, while Adam was a dead ringer for Scott’s character, played by Jason Donovan… mullet and all. (He actually had his hair bleached and extensions glued in. Talk about commitment!)

Adam and Rachel nailed this wedding.

This theme is not quite what Rachel had in mind for her big day. She initially told the show, “My dream wedding would be in a grand building, with high ceilings and when you walk you’re just wowed”.

Oh, she was wowed alright.

“Candelabras on the tables, with roses, I want grand and romance and elegance,” she continued.

Kylie, is that you?

We guess Rachel and Adam weren’t quite on the same page… “My wedding idea is to recreate the magical occasion of when Scott and Charlene got married on Neighbours,” Adam said.

“I just find the idea of Kylie and Jason’s wedding to be so romantic and I’m also looking at recreating Charlene’s dress – a sort of lacy effect going on… her hair all done up like some kind of sensitive pot noodle,” he added.

“I’m going to get a little mullet effect going on.”

Hey, a Scott and Charlene wedding isn’t complete without one!

The Neighbours wedding party: Guy Pearce, Annie Jones, Jason, Kylie, Craig McLachlan and Sasha Close

Before walking down the aisle, Rachel said, “I hope he doesn’t mess it up.”

“I don’t want it to be made a mockery of; I want it to be serious because it’s my wedding day.”

One thing’s for sure, it won’t be forgotten about any time soon.

Following the celebrations, the bride said, “I’m feeling in complete disbelief at the minute. Never did I ever think that we were going to get married as Kylie and Jason.”

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