The creepy thing a bride caught her mother-in-law doing with her wedding dress

'I asked her... what the HELL she was thinking.'

The mother-in-law /daughter relationship can be a fraught one, especially when the mother-in-law has always had a certain amount of influence over her son. But you know you’re definitely not off to a great start when you walk in on your MIL trying on your wedding dress.

This is what happened to a bride who took to Reddit to express her horror.

She set the scene by explaining she’d been engaged to her fiancé for a year and the couple were marrying in December in Columbia. She’d already been mildly horrifed by the fact her MIL occasionally sat on her fiancé’s lap, cut up his food for him and FED HIM in public.

But the true horror came the day she walked in to her master bedroom to find her MIL, who had come over to see their new house, half-in-half-out of her wedding dress, unable to get it off.

The bride had left her MIL to watch Netflix while she helped her fiancé put up a bed. But when she needed to use the bathroom, which she had to access by walking through the master bedroom, she got the shock of her life:

“What do I find but Future MIL struggling to yank my dress over her head BUT WAS FREAKING STUCK,” she revealed.

“I blurted out “what the hell?!” and she immediately started stammering “Oh my God! OH MY GOD! OH GOD!”

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At that point the bride’s number one concern was that her dress would rip so she “rushed over to help her” only to witness the sheer backing of the gown completely shred. The side zipper burst and then her MIL trampled a dirty foot print on the train.

“I asked her, as soon as I got her out of the dress (and I want to note, with HUGE amounts of disgust, that she was wearing no underwear), what the HELL she was thinking. She responded that she was just trying to make sure the dress would fit me; because if the dress fit her, then it absolutely fit me too,” the bride finished.

Understandably, the poor fiancé was “very disturbed” by what had happened.

“I’m also disturbed,” the bride added. “Mostly because I doubt she was trying on the dress for funsies; there was also a bouquet of dried flowers on the bed that wasn’t there before. I think the b*** was actually trying to pretend she was the bride.”

To add insult to injury the MIL did not offer to pay for the damage, but did lecture the bride about spending too much money on the dress.

If you think the creepy mother-in-law stories stop here, though, sadly, they do not.

In this image above can you tell the difference between the bride and the mother-in-law? They both have the same hairstyle, similar dresses and it’s, weirdly, the MIL that is holding on to the groom’s arm, rather than his bride. This image was found on Reddit.

In another Reddit tale a bride revealed that her mother-in-law attended the wedding in a white dress.

We could also share a delightful story with you about the MIL who joined her son’s honeymoon, uninvited.

Oedipus complex, perhaps?

Let’s just end this story by saying that, luckily, there are far more mothers-in-law out there who don’t behave at all in this way.

Let’s celebrate this lovely majority and thank them from the bottoms of our hearts for welcoming us into their families and treating us as their daughters rather than as their rivals.

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