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Gemma Flynn opens up about finding her perfect wedding dress

Richie McCaw’s fiancée has revealed all about finding her fairy-tale dress for the big day
Richie McCaw, Gemma Flynn

Kiwi hockey star Gemma Flynn is counting down the days till she marries former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw, and has opened up about finding her dream wedding dress.

“I’ll know I’ve found the right one when I’m in the kind of dress you come alive in,” she says.

The blonde beauty who is looking for a “timeless and elegant gown”, is starring in Say Yes To The Dress Australia, a reality show where a team of experts help brides-to-be find their perfect gown.


“I think it’s a neat thing to see brides and people close to them go through this experience together. It was a great opportunity to be able to experience this with my friends and my family and for me to have the break and come over to Sydney and try dresses on this way – and, hopefully, some people at home might enjoy it as well,” the bride-to-be told TV Guide.

Gemma, who filmed the show before heading to the Rio Olympics admits she hasn’t had much time for wedding dress hunting until now.

“This is the first time I’ve had a chance to try on a dress actually, so I’m excited.”

“I’ve done what I can, but left the dress and a few other things until the last minute. The things you need to lock in early – the food, the music and the venue – we’ve done.”

Gemma Flynn Richie McCaw
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Gemma also insists she’s no bridezilla, but is enjoying having the help of her family in planning the big day.

“I’d like to say I’m relaxed but I’m probably quite assertive in things that I want,” she says. “Mum bears the brunt of it like any mother-daughter relationship.

“I’ve tried to put in place everything that I need to. Everyone says it’s so stressful but I want it to be a great experience and you only do it once.”

As for her handsome fiancé, Gemma says Richie couldn’t be more supportive in organising the wedding.

“We talk about everything and we’re really happy,” says Flynn. “It seems so easy because I just say, ‘How about we do this?’ and he says, ‘Great idea’, and we’ll lock it in.

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“He’s a typical male. He said, ‘I’m happy if you’re happy’ – which is great. I’ve given him some jobs which he is happy to go away and do.

The happy couple who got engaged on New Year’s Eve last yearand confirmed the happy news with a gorgeous photo posted to Facebook.

“We want to enjoy the moment of being together – the uniqueness and specialness of knowing that you’re going to be with someone for the rest of your life and enjoying that moment at the time,” said Gemma.

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