Meet Viv and Jo, the Kiwi founders revolutionising sexual wellbeing

Unlock the power of pleasure with Girls Get Off

Female-focused sex toy store Girls Get Off has sold over 25,000 toys to date. Founded by Kiwis Viv Conway and Jo Cummins, the duo developed the concept in the 2020 lockdowns, desiring to create a space for women to feel empowered about pleasure and sexual wellbeing.

Girls Get Off’s inaugural product launch was the Missy, a powerful vibrator that rivals the Internet-viral Satisfyer Pro. It now ranges three vibrators, vegan lube, hypoallergenic wipes, and the book A Girl’s Guide To Getting Off, with another exciting launch coming in September.

Viv and Jo have truly created a space for females to educate themselves on sexual empowerment — the Girls Get Off website features a blog covering everything from ‘7 moves to spice up foreplay’ to ‘Your 4 step guide to sexting’. There’s also a Girls Get Off podcast, featuring interviews with sexologists, communication experts, and personalities, covering topics from getting out of your head to achieve a better orgasm to how to tell if you’re sexually compatible with your partner.

Ultimately, Viv and Jo want Kiwis to change their attitudes towards sexual wellbeing and for people to experience more pleasure, especially those who may have experienced shame around sex growing up.

We sat down with Viv and Jo to chat all things sex toys and empowerment. Here’s what they had to say:

From left: Girls Get Off Juicee Lube, Missy Clit Vibrator, Cleanies Intimate Wipes, and Tiff Dual Pleasure Vibrator.

Tell us about yourselves. Where you live, your hobbies, where we’ll find you on the weekend.

Viv: I live in Sydney. I love spending lots of time in the ocean — whether that be swimming or surfing. I’ve also got another marathon coming up in September, which takes up a good amount of time in the weekend. And other than that, you’ll find me catching up with friends!

Jo: I’m based in Mount Maunganui. I’m pretty much the opposite of Viv. Generally, my introverted side shines at the weekend, and I use the time to recharge and enjoy the sunshine, and kids!

Before founding Girls Get Off, what did you do for a living?

Viv: I ran a social media agency.

Jo: I owned a personalised cookie business.

What inspired you to found Girls Get Off?

Viv: Jo and I were chatting during the first New Zealand lockdown in 2020. We realised that although sex toys were trending, no one was marketing them in a way that was as ‘normal’ as other self-care products like skincare. The options for buying toys were limited to going into seedy sex toy stores or going online to sites that were overwhelming with choice.

Girls Get Off Missy Clit Vibrator.

What was the first product you launched?

Viv: Missy! People loved Missy from the beginning, and she’s still our bestseller today. To date, we’ve sold over 25,000 Missys and received hundreds of 5-star reviews. Missy is by far our most popular and loved product!

Our criteria for Missy was simple. She needed to be cuter and less intimidating than anything else on the market. We wanted Missy to be something you could leave out on your bedside table or in the shower, and it wouldn’t look out of place. We also wanted her to be quieter and more powerful than other toys on the market, and she ticks all those boxes. She’s also smaller than toys like the Satisfyer Pro, so she’s a lot easier to use with a partner.

Tell us about your other vibrators, Tiff and Polly.

Viv: Tiff, our dual pleasure vibrator, was born out of the result of some rigorous product testing. No word of a lie, one of our testers fell to her knees in the shower testing Tiff, and another had to grip the shower walls for dear life. Tiff is for those who want the air pulsing sensation of Missy on their clit, but also enjoy internal g-spot stimulation at the same time.

With our pocket vibrator Polly, we wanted something that offered a different external sensation that was also super easy to use with a partner.

You also offer a guide to ‘getting off’ — how did this come about?

Viv: There’s a common misconception that our target audience is mostly single women. In reality, our most frequent customers are those in relationships looking to spice things up.

A Girl’s Guide To Getting Off was created for those who are looking to transform their sex lives and try something new. The book is split into sections that first set the tone around communication, partner games etc. — all the things that are sometimes forgotten but that actually set the tone for the sex life of your dreams.

Then, the book moves into sections designed to open your mind to new and different pleasurable things to try. It includes sections on squirting, butt play, sexting, and plenty of positions.

You have 91.3k followers on Instagram. How did you build your online community?

Viv: We’re a community-first brand which means we want people to feel like they’re getting more than a sex toy when they buy from us. People are more motivated to share our content if it makes them laugh, so we focus a lot on humour to help normalise conversations about pleasure.

We’ve also got a Facebook group — Girls Get Off Uncensored, with over 35k members, which gives our community space to ask anonymous questions, have a laugh and support each other.

What do customers love the most about your products?

Viv: Not only do people love the Girls Get Off products and how it changes their sex lives (both with or without a partner), it’s actually so much more than orgasms (besides the people who message in having never orgasmed before and now they can — then that’s a lot about orgasms!).

For women across New Zealand, it’s how, by normalising female pleasure, feelings of ‘shame’ are released. This allows women to be confident in exploring themselves solo or communicating their needs to a partner.

Are you developing any new products?

Viv: Yes! Lookout for an exciting new product launching on September 1st.

We’re also working to make a few of our products kinder on the environment where we can, e.g. changing our Juicee (lube) packaging to make it refillable and looking at options to change our single-use Cleanies sachets.

We’ve got some kind of activation or product planned each month till Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned!

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