This is New Zealand’s most monogamous town

When it comes to being faithful, it turns out the key could lie in where you live.
Faithful couple

Faithful couple

According to data collected by matchmaking site EliteSingles, whether or not you and your partner stay faithful could depend greatly on where you live.

The dating website, that aims to appeal to those looking for a lasting, quality romance, have collated data that allows them to rank the Kiwi towns where partners are most likely to stay faithful.

So where should a singleton looking for lasting, faithful romance head to in Kiwiland?

The answers differ depending on your sex, but the overall top four all shared two things in common: they’re rural, coastal towns.

1.) Paraparaumu

2.) Kerikeri, Northland

3.) Te Awamutu

4.) Rangiora

The city of Wellington just got a look in at number five, but the larger cities of Auckland and Hamilton don’t appear in the top 10 for either sex.

Statistics for both sexes (Via EliteSingles)

To arrive at their conclusions, the researchers asked 6,000 people to what extent they agreed with the statement: “I believe that monogamy is essential in a relationship,” ranking their level of agreement from 1(do not agree at all) to 10(agree completely.)

Overall, Kiwis were in favour of monogamy, though women felt slightly more strongly about it than the men.

Here’s the top ten per sex.

The most monogamous men:

  1. Paraparaumu

  2. Wanaka

  3. Wellington

  4. Lower Hutt

  5. Hastings

  6. Dunedin

  7. Whakatane

  8. Tauranga

  9. Pukekohe

  10. Te Awamutu

Statistics for men (Via EliteSingles)

Statistics for women (Via EliteSingles)

The most monogamous women:

  1. Kerikeri

  2. Te Awamutu

  3. Blenheim

  4. Queenstown

  5. Pukekohe

  6. Nelson

  7. Paraparaumu

  8. Rangiora

  9. Tauranga

  10. Christchurch

And according to EliteSingle’s in-house psychologist, Salama Marine, the findings should give singletons hope that plenty of people still value exclusivity in a relationship.

“To avoid getting hurt, it’s best to have this conversation early on,” she recommended.

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