‘The moment I walked in on my partner cheating’

What happens when you walk in on the love of your life with someone else?


You’ve seen the movies. A seemingly perfect couple are co-habiting quite nicely, until partner A walks in unexpectedly on partner B having it off with their colleague/neighbour/the postman.

In the films, this culminates in either a painfully cool cut down, or a super dramatic dumping scene, but how do people react in real life?

People have been sharing their real life caught-in-the-act stories to Reddit, here are some of the most shocking.

Bridget Jones (2001) walks in on her boyfriend doing the dirty

It wasn’t me

“Yep. My husband of 8 years and I were going through a rough time and talking about separating. I had picked up some bonus shifts at work to try and save up so it wouldn’t hurt us so much financially. After one of these, I came home and noticed another car in front of our house, which didn’t even register in the moment, neighbours park there too. So I parked down the street and when I walked in to my house, my husband was on the couch with a chick on top of him, jumping off. I walked past them, checked on our kids (one of whom was still awake). Then changed my clothes and walked out and went to my best friend’s house and freaked out there. When I got home, he was still drunk, so the conversation didn’t really go anywhere. I made him move out the next morning after he tried to convince me I hadn’t really seen what I thought.”

Home early

“This happened to me a few years ago. I got off work early and decided not to notify my gf at the time in order to surprise her since she was typically at home before me each day. When I got back to our apartment she was in our bed with some other guy I had never met before. I instantly started yelling and watched as he scrambled to get out of the bed. As soon as he got to his feet I slammed him to the ground and knocked him out cold with one punch to the face. I don’t know if any of you have ever had to tackle a naked guy to the ground but I hope this is the last time in my lifetime. From there I got up and told my gf we were done and she had 24 hours to pack her shit and get out. She moved out and I haven’t seen or talked to her since. I later heard through a friend my ex ended up having a kid with the guy and they are still together. I’m glad they get to remember the time they were busted and he was knocked out on the floor naked as a result.”

Sliding Doors (1998) Gwyneth Paltrow’s character walks in on her live in boyfriend with another woman

I wish you’d told me you were here

“I was engaged to the man of my dreams so I thought. Appearance, good job, career military, you know. 3 years together when it all went down. I fell asleep when I was supposed to be at a work meeting because I didn’t feel well and the condo was large enough that you couldn’t really tell if the other person was there if you weren’t in the same room.

So the dog comes in alerting me that there’s another human there and I walk out to the living room to see him and there he is with a girl straddled and no shirt or bra on. I stood there shocked and the girl grabs her stuff and runs out and he stands up and says “it would have been nice to know you were home.” With a stern face and runs out after her. That was 2 years ago. Haven’t seen him since. It took me months to get over that.”

Secret children

“Oh Dear God yes. I walked in on my now ex with his “best friend” . When we first got together he introduced me to his pregnant best friend/ roommate. She is butt ugly in my opinion so I don’t mind her being there. She then proceeded to become a close friend of mine. We had a baby shower that I assisted her with and I even took her to get ice cream during braxton hics . So at the hospital while she is having the baby her parents came up from where they are from , and met me at the hospital because supposedly her babby daddy was a POS. So my ex and I were there for her. In the elevator going up to the women’s centre her father looks over at my ex and says “You are going to be a great father.”

Mean Girls (2004) Regina George is caught cheating

Virtual romance

“I got up one night and caught my first wife on Skype talking to another man while topless. I blew my top and she started screaming and crying. The next morning we talked about it and she said it was an old boyfriend she had hooked up with while back in her country visiting. She promised never to do it again and we agreed to try to power through.

Everything seemed back to normal for two weeks. Then one day I came home, her side of the closet was cleaned out, and one of our dogs was gone. I called her and asked her if she was leaving me and she said yes and that she was going back to Europe to be with that guy.”

Ex’s revenge

“Got to witness this. My roommate (female) was sleeping with some dude she worked with. The dude’s ex (who he broke up with “that night”; not that that’s a legitimate justification cause he stayed over several times the previous week, but anyway-) shows up at 4am wandering the house and finds her way into my roommate’s room and loses it. She MMA mounts my roommate in bed and is both forward and backhand slapping the shit out of her. I stood there and did my best to stifle the laughter, and when asked to “get this crazy bitch off me!”, I said, “nope, figure it out.” (roommate and I don’t get along because I work normal hours and she does cocaine with coworkers at 4 in the fucking morning). It was fucking awesome.”

That’s one way to get cheap rent

“Me and my roommate (we’ll call him d) walked in on his gf being boned by our landlord if that counts. D made a big deal of it and our landlord lowered the rent by about $200. D “forgave” his gf and about 3 months later he got drunk with her older sister and had a little revenge. D is now happily single with no kids on the way.”

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