Five pairs of kittens that need a forever home

Just in time for Valentine's Day, these adorable couples need a loving home.

Each week, we’re working with the SPCA to shine a spotlight on the pets who need a loving home.

This week, meet five pairs of adorable kittens just waiting to find their new owners.

These bonded cuties need to go home together, so show them some love this Valentine’s Day!

Doris and Marilyn

These 10-week-old sisters are grey tabby and white, and black and white. They are friendly, curious and playful and love to chase string and explore together. They enjoy human company and are very excited to meet their new families. Sunscreen is recommended for Dori’s pale ears, and Marilyn’s pale ears and nose. Marilyn was also named after Marilyn Monroe because of her beauty spot! They are very hard to take photos of as they are so inquisitive and keen to be a part of things!

Helga and Freya

Four-month-old tortoiseshells Helga and Freya have spent some time at a loving foster home getting lots of TLC and learning how to live in a home with human caregivers. These two sweet girls are still very wary of humans and need a cat savvy new owner with plenty of shy cat experience. They will need a lot of patience and understanding while they learn to trust their human companions, routine and lots of quality time spent down at their level will go far. Once settled these two love to play together, and enjoy chasing string and their mouse toys. They are independent, energetic girls who love each other and are excited to find a home together, forever. They will suit a quiet, mature home with one or two people who they can bond with closely.

Oscar and Tigger

These three-month-old ginger brothers were found in Massey alone and looking for food and company. They were brought to us by a kind member of the public, and are now looking for a loving home.Although they are a little shy due to their rough start in life, Tigger and Oscar are becoming more confident each day. They may take a little time to settle in to their new home, but once they get to know you and build trust, they will be great cats. They love to play and nap together and have a strong bond, therefore need to be rehomed together. They would be best suited to an adult home, or a family with older children.

Honey and Harvey

These 8-week-old ginger cuties are siblings that are very friendly and playful. They love to chat away and tell you what they are up to. Honey and Harvey enjoy playing with their toys and with each other. Sunscreen is recommended to protect both of Honey and Harvey’s pale noses from the harsh sun.

Bindi and Blossom

Four-month-old black tortoiseshells Bindi and Blossom are two sweet shy sisters looking for a home. Patience and understanding are essential in helping their confidence in people grow. Bindi and Blossom would suit a quite mature home together. These two came in together after being fed by a kind person whilst living in a group of strays. They have been at the SPCA for a while so are desperately looking for someone to show them the world.

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