Celebrities and their pets: Dominic Harvey and Sydney silkie Kanye

Take a bow! You won't find little Kanye going for runs with the keen marathoner.

They say dogs look like their owners, but it’s quite the opposite for lanky Dominic Harvey and his wee Sydney silkie Kanye.

“I didn’t realise until I got him that he’s an old ladies’ breed,” laughs The Edge breakfast radio star.

“Whenever you see one at the park, it’s generally with a really old lady and they usually have a tartan blanket over them. But I’ve got no regrets. I love the breed.”

Dom, 46, a finalist in Woman’s Day and Bonds X-Temp’s search for New Zealand’s Hottest Media Hunk, also admits he didn’t think through the moniker Kanye when it came to naming his pooch.

“I’m a big fan of rapper Kanye West and when he was a brand-new puppy, he just seemed to have this attitude that suited the name. I like the name, it’s unique and different to Ben and Bella, but it’s embarrassing when you’re at the park and he runs on to a field, and you have to yell, ‘Kanye! Kanye.”

The cute canine has also become a social media star, often popping up on Dom’s Instagram.

“He makes my heart melt,” smiles Dom. “I can’t apologise for putting too many photos of him on the ‘gram. Imagine if I had actual kids – I’d be pathetic!”

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