Celebrities and their pets: Moses Mackay and his ‘surprise’ Great Dane Merch

Standing ovation! Moses’ pup Merch has the X-factor like his famous singer dad.
Moses MacKay Sol3mio pet dog merch

When Sol3 Mio star Moses Mackay was driving through the countryside in Murchison one day, he saw a sign for free puppies and just couldn’t resist. That day, he headed home with a sweet six-week-old grey puppy he named Merch, after his South Island birthplace.

Laughing, Moses, 29, recalls, “He was this little labrador-looking thing, but the owner didn’t know who the dad was. I took him anyway but as time went on, he started getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

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“I took him to the vet and I said, ‘What do you reckon he is?’ And he just laughs and goes, ‘He’s definitely a Great Dane.’ My bank account just started crying.”

Moses admits Merch often eats more food than him, but despite weighing a whopping 50kg, he still acts like a puppy and loves to be cuddled – and sleeps in the singer’s bed at night.

When Moses headed to Fiji to film TVNZ 2’s Celebrity Treasure Island, it was Merch that he missed the most.

He tells, “They should totally do Dog Survivor or Celebrity Dog Island – Merch would be great!”

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