Seven ways to help the environment

Here are some simple ways to save on packaging and do your bit for the environment.
How to help the enviroment

Here are some wonderful and simple things you can do to save on packaging and do your bit for the environment:

1. Don’t buy tea bags. Go back to the old-fashioned teapot – and put the used tea leaves on your compost or in your worm farm. You’ll also save money.

2. Buy at your local butcher/greengrocer, where you can take your own bag and get your meat in paper rather than plastic trays.

3. Instead of buying little packets of individually wrapped snacks for kids, get a big bag and give them a single portion each day in greaseproof paper or reusable containers.

4. Buy yoghurt in a large container and redistribute into reusable containers for your kids’ lunches.

5. When you buy an ice cream, get it in a cone not in a cup with plastic spoon, etc.

6. Say no to junk mail.

7. Go paperless – many banks and companies now allow you to receive bills and statements by email.

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