The phone you need to get the perfect selfie without sacrificing functionality

Lets face it, we expect a lot from our phones – we always have them on us and tend to work them overtime. Yet we want them to perform well, especially when we’re trying to get that perfect selfie.

Although it may not be hard to find a phone with a decent camera, finding an exceptional one has always been a tricky business. Until now, Huawei has again raised the bar with its new P30 Pro, featuring a revolutionary Quad Camera System by renowned camera brand Leica that will lift your Instagram game to the next level.

And we all know how much we love to capture that new outfit or ultimate selfie with a friend. The stars are aligned, our makeup is perfect, the lighting is just right and the angle is on point. Click away!

With its Quad Camera System and artificial intelligence built-in the P30 Pro can take a great shot, no matter the conditions. Most noteworthy is the SuperZoom lens, allowing you to zoom in up to 50 x! Due to its innovative periscope camera system the P30 Pro can get you closer to the action than any other phone.

Also notable is the Ultra-Wide angle camera. Ever been out for dinner with friends and can’t get everyone in the shot? Simply switch to the Wide angle camera and get everyone in the shot without having to walk to the other side of the restaurant.

The P30 Pro also introduces a TOF (time of flight) camera. This camera is specifically designed to understand depth, which is exactly what you need to capture that perfect portrait shot with a lovely blurry background. If selfies are more your thing, the P30 Pro hasn’t skimped in this department either, featuring a 32MP selfie camera.

Selfies have never looked this good, and yes, there is a beauty and bokeh mode to really make those selfies pop. There is more to taking a great selfie than a great camera, so be sure to check out our selfie tips!

Simply put, the P30 Pro has thrown out the rulebook when it comes to taking photos on a phone. Leave that expensive camera at home and pick up a P30 Pro from Spark today.

Try these selfie tips when you’re feeling snap happy

1. Get the right angle. This usually means holding your phone slightly higher than normal and looking up towards the camera for a flattering shot – it gets rid of any double chins. Practise in front of the mirror to capture your best features.

2. Soften your mouth and breathe out to ensure you look relaxed.

3. Check that the light is amazing! Move around to find the ultimate spot and steer away from harsh fluorescent light. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon can often produce the best natural light. A softly backlit wall can work well, too.

4. Experiment with different poses. Just go with what is natural for you, eg pouting, grinning or a more neutral expression.

5. Take plenty of shots for plenty of options.

6. Make use of the background blur to add beautiful depth to your image.

7. Edit like an artist. Don’t underestimate the work that can go into a photograph after you’ve taken it. Make your filters work for you. Crop to perfection!

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