How to create a kids room that will last through the ages

Invest in a few key pieces and choose a colour palette that will see them through from toddler to teen
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When it comes to kids rooms, the goal is to create a space where their imaginations can run wild but also where they feel happy and comfortable. By investing in some key furniture pieces and sticking to a neutral colour theme, you can create a space that will grow with them.

With a solid base to work off, items such as pillows, duvets and decor pieces are simple and cheap to swap out when, inevitably, their tastes and needs change. Here’s how to create a kid’s room that will last them through from toddler to teen:


When creating a room for a toddler there are a few things to consider. Firstly, their main area of play will be on the floor, and you will probably be down there with them. So, a large, comfortable floor rug is a key piece for the room. A toddler’s room will also require a lot of storage options for toys and clothes, items such as baskets are great options for this – and will last through the years. Invest in a good set of drawers and bedside table as these are pieces that will last too.

Toddler’s might also require a little bit of persuasion when it comes to bed time. A fun house-shaped frame is the perfect piece to make the bed feel like a special place to be.

Sheets and soft furnishings are easily swapped out, so go for whatever colour your little one is loving at the moment.


When your child reaches tween age they’re likely to crave a slightly more mature look. This is easily achieved by swapping the bed frame out for a simple white single. A reversible comforter is a great option as they can swap over the look when they feel like it. Add in more art on the walls and look to invest in a taller set of drawers as they start to accumulate more “stuff”.


The biggest change in the transition from tween to teen is the bed. Choose a queen size bed, this will see them through their teen years and then make a great guest bed when they leave home. Keep the drawers and bedside table the same, but add in another bedside table for the other side of the bed and choose bedding to match their tastes.

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