How to choose winter whites

From ivory to cream, add some light, bright touches indoors

Winter whites are making a comeback this frosty season, even though it’s dark by 5pm, inside you’re just getting started. Consider winter a time to inject some much-needed light into your home through the monochrome magic of white. Don’t get left out in the cold with this white-hot trend.

What to know

The colour white is associated with peace and serenity, so surrounding yourself with it may be useful on your journey to inner harmony at home. Painting your walls will always bring about the biggest transformation but for quick, easy changes invest in ivory-toned linens and soft furnishings. Texture is key for that all-important cosy feeling, so don’t be afraid to layer in different shades of white and thickness. The best thing is the result will look as good in summer as it does in winter. Just swap a faux fur cushion for a linen or cotton cover and away you go.

Which white works for you?

Cool whites have blue, grey or beige undertones and help to make rooms seem bigger and brighter. They’re perfect for spaces where you want to create a clean, crisp feeling, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and help to visually cool down north-facing hot spots.

Warm whites, on the other hand, are backed by pink, peach and yellow undertones to add a cosy, creamy hue to its surroundings. These tones are ideal for rooms that you’ll want to hunker down in, like bedrooms and living spaces, especially when those spaces don’t receive a lot of natural sunlight. It’s the paint equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a big, fluffy blanket.

For the experts, contrast cool and warm whites to create a winter wonderland. The buttery, rich hues of cream will add comfort to your home while crisper whites will keep the look fresh and modern. Use this mix and match approach to avoid falling into clinical hospital room decor or 2000s subway-era beige. It’s the best of both worlds, trust us.

Consider layering warm whites on flat surfaces with plush rugs, woollen accessories and chunky bed knits. Meanwhile, inject cool whites into crowded corners with pots, vases and cushions to elevate the space.


Club Med

When in doubt, some Mediterranean magic will help inject light and air into your home. The pearly-white bliss of Santorini and Mykonos is timeless for a reason, a beacon of coastal minimalism with soft edges. Even dreaming of these sun-drenched rooftops and traditional white houses will add a touch of sunshine to your life.

Nature calls

Think white, think plush. If you’re worried about the lack of colour, textured blankets and cushions are the way to go. Natural materials such as sheepskin, fur, fleece and white leather will help you to hunker down in style while the natural beauty of woven furniture, such as rattan and cane, will lighten and lift the space.

Popular Resene whites: (left to right): Resene Alabaster, Resene Rice Cake, Resene Sea Fog.

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