Home decorating: A quick fix

Get quick fix ideas for decorating your interior home with books, shoes, frames souvenirs and more.

Some of the best ideas are the simplest. Often, a striking photograph is enough to supply a lot of inspiration. You might not end up copying exactly what you see; instead, you may take the idea on board and interpret it your own way. That’s absolutely fine. Life would be boring if everything was the same. Here are some lovely rooms and simple projects that lately have got me reaching for a paintbrush, checking out the charity shops, or simply changing things around at home.

Colour-coded books

Isn’t the arrangement above a great idea? By shelving your books according to colour you can create a veritable work of art. This is simple stuff you can do on a wet Sunday afternoon with the kids. And imagine how easy it will be to find favourite volumes in the future – as long as you stick to the scheme of course!

Showy souvenirs

They used to be thought of as tacky, but these days those inexpensive souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels are perfectly acceptable as quirky ornaments in the home. Try grouping your most treasured and meaningful pieces together to create a little monument to memorable trips from the past.

In the frame

A pile of inexpensive chain-store frames can be transformed using test pots to suit the décor in your room, then grouped together in any formation you fancy. It’s worth using a ruler or a spirit level when hanging these as even a slight unevenness can end up being irritating – especially if it’s on a wall you look at regularly!

Flaunt your footwear

I’ve been known to put a pair of designer shoes on display in my bedroom, as I’ve always thought that beautiful things shouldn’t be hidden. Sadly the fabulous footwear in this photo isn’t mine. But if it was, I’d be showcasing these little works of art like this – in purpose-built shoe shelves from the local wardrobe and storage store.

Super ceilings

Downlights are a very practical way to illuminate your home but they sometimes seem a trifle dull. By painting a stencilled decoration around them you’ll can give that ceiling a real lift. Try a floral-inspired pattern like this one, or let your imagination go wild. So go on, be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. It’s the cheapest quick fix possible – and its addictive!

**Get the drift

**If you’re a compulsive collector of flotsam and jetsam, why not put it to use and make it part of a unique item of furniture. Here a wooden table has been completely transformed by attaching driftwood in relatively uniform sizes to create a one-off piece that can’t be replicated.

**Choice chairs

**You’ve seen them at the local junk store, straight from an elderly person’s estate. Battered and old fashioned, you didn’t even notice them. But look again – these chairs can be turned into something super-special with the aid of a paintbrush, a fabulous piece of fabric, a glue gun and, if you’re lacking confidence, a YouTube upholstery tutorial!

Canny in the kitchen

Don’t just pile your kitchenware artlessly on a shelf. Using a little imagination, you can create elegant vignettes using bottles, baskets, jars, fruit and other everyday items. You can change these little shows around regularly to keep things interesting – obviously, in the case of the arrangement above, you’ll need to drink the wine at some point! It isn’t hard to achieve the look of a stylish magazine: by making every corner sing, you will find your kitchen creatively satisfying – and functional.

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