Decorating your home with colour

When it comes to decorating, colour is the greatest tool of all to express our personalities and help create a mood that's unique to our own homes. Whether you choose lights, brights, darks or neutrals, colour serves many purposes. It can lighten a room, add drama, or promote peaceful living. I find bold colours invigorating and they seem to fit well with my personality, but there are no rights or wrongs, so follow your heart.

Bright colours

They’ve been languishing in the popularity polls for a decade or two, but suddenly orange and yellow are back in vogue – and the brighter the better.

This might have something to do with the trend for colour blocking in clothing fashion, but whatever the reason, it’s something I’m happy to embrace in the home.

There isn’t much that will lift the spirits as effectively as a room decorated in joyful sunny hues – so start flicking that paintbrush around, using as many of these cheering colours as you can manage.

Try: Bright canary yellow, fuchsia, raspberry, red and tangerine orange.

Earthy colours

There’s a lot to be said for embracing the colours of nature, taking inspiration from trees, grass, sand, shells, animal fur and other parts of nature. These colours and textures look great with white and even better with a warm cream or varying shades of “tea”. Wood and wicker, concrete, stone and wool can all be used to layer up this fabulous, all-natural look.

Try: Tea, cream, beige, bone and even chocolate.

Cool colours

In temperate climates, colours such as blue, lilac and aqua can help create an atmosphere of tranquility. In their lighter tones, these colours have the ability to make small spaces appear larger, as they reflect light, rather than absorbing it. Try mixing them with other soft shades or even adding a contrasting colour to really make your room sing.

Try: Sea green, denim blue, baby blue, duck egg blue and sage green.

Pretty pastels

They might be pale, but pastels are also interesting and can be used to add romance and a sense of peace and relaxation. While pastels can be used in monochromatic schemes, they can also be contrasted successfully with other pastels – or even with brighter colours. Pastels are often used in nurseries and children’s rooms in the hope of promoting calm.

Try: Gelato colours – soft lemon, pink, blue, green and mauve.

Black & white

I’m mentioning this because it’s another huge colour trend right now and a black and white room can look stunning. If you’re particular (and have no pets or children), you can enhance this look using big white fluffy rugs, stark white walls and huge bold injections of black in plain or patterned forms. This style of décor takes on another flavour altogether with the addition of strong key colours such as red, green or yellow.

Try: There are many varieties of black and white in paint shops, so choosing the perfect shade should be easy.

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