Creating an office space

All work and no play makes your office a dull space.

Working from home can be a blessing during the chillier months. And the perfect office needs a balance of hardy tools to get the job done, and cool objects to lift your spirits during the dreary season ahead.

Create an interesting workspace that can be used by both you and your partner. Whether you want to turn it into the ultimate “man cave”, or a haven of focus and creativity, the idea is to use the décor as a blank canvas.

With a room like this, it’s very minimal, allowing you to add strong punches of your personality.

Concrete blocks are a cost-effective way of designing and building your own furniture. It’s easy to put together a set of book shelves with wooden planks, or make a modern desk with a few blocks and a solid glass pane for the top.

When choosing items, both functional and decorative, get striking pieces that complement each other, but also have that “X factor” on their own.

I like to cover all the bases – from bulk storage and handy blackboards and diaries for those last-minute reminders, to artwork for inspiration. And don’t forget the winter heater! It can be a challenge to give warmth to a room that’s clean and simple, but achieving the desired effect transforms your workplace into a happy space.

Black board $149.90 from Allium, Quote cards (set of 12) $24.90 from KIKKI-K, Body art $130 from Texan art schools, Book ends $69 from Republic, Dice $69 from Redcurrant, Storage boxes $19.90(small) $29.90(large) from KIKKI-K, Lego heater $69.90 from The Warehouse, Stackable wooden stamps $12.90 from KIKKI-K, Triumph and Disaster stash box $165 from Smith and Caughie’s and Ballentynes, Diary $37.40 from KIKKI-K, Globe $29.50 from Redcurrant, Skull $99 from Republic, Ruler boxes $49(small) $59(medium) $79(large) from Country Theme.

Find it:


Country Theme (09) 522 2626





Smith & Caughey’s-

Texan Art schools-

The Warehouse

Photo: photonewzealand/living4media

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