Can I return a Christmas gift?

Kevin Milne helps us brush up on the laws governing returning unwanted Christmas gifts.
Christmas present return laws

Every year, you find out what the law says about returning Christmas presents you don’t like or already have. But every year, you forget the details before next Christmas rolls around. A quick reminder?

You don’t have the right to return Christmas presents for a refund just because you don’t like them, even if you have the receipt. But many stores now have exchange policies so check that out when you buy goods for others.

You also have no right to take Christmas presents back just because you’ve found the same thing cheaper elsewhere… unless the store specifically says it will refund you in those circumstances.

You have no right to seek a refund if the presents you bought are the wrong size or not suitable. But don’t let that stop you throwing yourself at the store’s mercy if required. It is the time of goodwill after all.

If you receive goods that are broken or faulty, and it’s obvious they were broken prior to sale, you are entitled to a replacement and if no replacements are available, a refund.

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