Clever storage tricks for making the most of your space

When space is scarce, it's important to make the most of what you've got. Here are five easy space making hacks for the home.
Storage hacks for the home

Storage hacks for the home

Storage hacks for the home

For the hoarders among us, any hints to create more storage space are a godsend. And even for those of us who follow the minimalist cult of Marie Kondo, it’s still great to know how to create more room when it’s needed.

These five pins from Pinterest show some unique and clever ways to create more storage instantly, and none of them cost a bomb.

From mag wreck veggie storage, to a new high for shoes, here are five of our favourite storage hacks from the net.

Create a pan wall to save drawer and cupboard space. We love the use of these stained wood panels.

In your entrance way, add an extra level of storage by installing a shelf above the coat rack. Perfect for out of season shoes, or storage of brollies and non everyday items.

Who said mag racks can only be used for reading material? These look great with lemons, limes and onions.

File dividers used on a shelf are perfect for handbag storage.

Utility room short on space? Install this hanging divider on the back of a cupboard door, to keep all your cleaning products in an easy to reach place.

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