The AM Show’s Amanda Gillies and Duncan Garner on their adorable work wife/husband relationship

They are just too cute!
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We’ve all heard of the terms work wife and work husband, right?

In The AM Show‘s Amanda Gillies and Duncan Garner you see the perfect work-husband-and-wife duo. In fact, in this video Duncan jokes that his 18-year relationship with work wife Amanda is his most successful yet, perhaps taking a self-depracating dig at himself after his six-year marriage to wife Deanna Delamere ended last year.

In this video – which we shot after the pair had finished one of their weekday shows and were well and truly ready for sleep – we catch up with Duncan and Amanda, whose partner is Newsroom co-editor, Tim Murphy, about their long-standing working relationship. And we discover that they bicker (goodnaturedly) just as much as an old married couple!

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