Jeremy Wells recreates Hilary Barry’s NEXT magazine cover and the results are hilarious

He's got the pose down to a tee!
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With Seven Sharp co-hosts Jeremy Wells and Hilary Barry there’s always a giggle to be had.

And on Friday’s show it came in the form of Jeremy recreating a magazine cover image of Hilary.

Hilary, who turned 50 last year, graces the latest cover of NEXT magazine wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt and high heels – with the image taking a deliberate shot at age shaming after a viewer complained that Hilary did not dress appropriately for her age.

Taking a leaf out of social media parody queen Celeste Barber’s book, Jeremy recreated a tongue-in-cheek version of Hilary’s cover image.

He has the pose down to a tee and Hilary clearly thought it was funny, offering him just one tip: “I’d not wear the shoes and socks next time.”

The scene for the image reveal was set with Hilary admonishing Jeremy for wearing a kaftan to an interview with rugby legend Ritchie McCaw.

Jeremy hit back, saying Hilary could hardly cast aspersions after wearing just a shirt on the cover of a magazine. And then his hilarious recreation was unveiled.

Hilary has re-shared the images side by side on her Instagram page with the cheeky caption, “Body positivity’s important for men too. Thanks for reminding me of that Jeremy”.

Her followers clearly thought it was funny too, with many asking how Jeremy got his legs looking so smooth.

On Friday’s show Hilary explained, “After all the comments about how much flesh I show on the television, I’m getting behind the message of body confidence.

And inside the magazine, Hilary talks about having the courage to stand up to her critics and what drives her to speak out against sexism and ageism in all its forms.

“If I can use my profile to project confidence in my body, and in doing so make another woman more confident in hers, I will,” says Hilary.

NEXT editor-in-chief Nicky Dewe told Now To Love, “We want women to do what’s right for them, celebrate what they’ve got and, especially as they get older, not feel pressured to dress or act a certain way. Hilary is owning it, as we all should feel free to do.”

The conversation on age shaming began when Hilary took to Instagram on January 23 to call out a comment (that has since been deleted) posted by a Seven Sharp viewer called Jocelyn on Seven Sharp‘s Facebook page.

Jocelyn had said: “Off the shoulder clothing is for YOUNG WOMEN not old women.

“It makes her look like a street worker. It would be good to have a programe [sic] that gave the viewer facts and insight into New Zealand life.

“We turn off the television as soon as the news is finished because we cannot stand the two presenters.”

Hilary responded with: “I’m not offended to be called a street worker. I’m not offended to be called old. I’m not even offended that you can’t stand me on tv.

“What I do take exception to is being told to act and dress my age. I am a 50 year old woman who will continue to wear exactly what I like.”

It’s not the first time viewers have felt it their duty to criticise Hilary’s appearance.

In February last year a viewer called Glenys posted a message on the Seven Sharp Facebook page, criticising Hilary’s thighs.

“Check out those thighs…omg who is dressing these people,” Glenys wrote.

Hilary responded by sharing a close-up image of her thighs on social media, with the caption:

“Hey Glenys, here’s a closeup of my thighs. I can send you a framed copy if you like, just reply with your address. Cheers, Hilary.”

Then in May a viewer called Barbara took exception to Hilary revealing too much cleavage.

In 2018 Hilary hit back at another viewer who said Hilary’s clothes were “just awful’.

“Zero f…s given,” was Hilary’s answer to that.

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