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Hilary Barry’s glorious smackdown to a viewer who body shamed her

Do not mess with Mrs Barry.
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Seven Sharp presenter Hilary Barry has called out a viewer who criticised her appearance.

A viewer named Glenys posted a Facebook message to the Seven Sharp Facebook page saying “Check out those thighs…omg who is dressing these people.”

Hilary’s response was swift. “Hey Glenys, here’s a closeup of my thighs. I can send you a framed copy if you like, just reply with your address. Cheers, Hilary.”

Hilary then posted that image to Instagram with the message “I’m comfortable in my own body and I hope you all are too. Let’s be proud of our thighs and hips and bums and bumpy bits. Heaven forbid they should be seen on tv.”

Her comeback was met with a resoundingly positive response.

“This is why we love you Hilary. Queen of the clapback,” one posted.

“She is God let’s sign a petition to get her knighted,” posted another.

Someone else suggested she “also send her a picture of Jeremy’s thighs.”

This isn’t the first time Hilary has called out someone who has criticised her appearance. Back in March she hilariously responded to a viewer who told her that her outfit choices were “just awful.”

“I feel that your wardrobe designer does nothing to enhance your appearance,” the viewer wrote in a message Barry posted to her Twitter.

“Even I, a basic artist and designer knows what makes my appearance the best that it can be. Last night’s green garment and tonight’s stripes are just awful on you.

“Please play back the two episodes and try to understand why I am taking the trouble of sending you this message.”

Barry responded with the priceless “Zero f*s given.”

Never, ever change Hilary.

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