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Barking mad

Hi Jay-Jay,

I hate my neighbours and they hate me. They’re so noisy and often have scary-looking people over. They are always drinking and playing music. Their two dogs bark when they’re out, their kids run riot in the street, they park over my driveway and their yard is a mess.

I have asked them to keep the noise down at night, but they turn it up. I tell them their dogs bark, but they tell me, “They’re dogs – that’s what they do!” And when I ask them not to park on my driveway, they blame their friends for doing so. Grrr!

It’s just my luck that in the recent cyclone, my neighbours across the street have been left homeless, but these feral neighbours are perfectly fine! Any advice?

Anonymous, via email

Dear Anonymous,

The obvious advice is to move.

I don’t know how long you have lived there or how long you have put up with this, but if it’s that bad, you may have to look at the options.

You can call the council about the dogs barking and the parking over your driveway, but I have a feeling that won’t solve the problems and may even make your neighbours more spiteful.

If the noise is bad, you can call noise control, but it would have to beat their decibel limits to be worthy of action.

If I were you, I would look at finding another place to live. Sorry, but just think of the peace you will finally get!

Good luck, Jay-Jay

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