Hilary Barry’s perfect clap back at a viewer: ‘Enough with the age-shaming’

Not all heroes wear capes – in fact, they can dress however they like!
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Hilary Barry just had the perfect response to a viewer who criticised her clothing choice.

The Seven Sharp presenter took to Instagram, posting a screenshot of a comment left on the show’s Facebook page by a woman who felt compelled to tell Hilary she needed to ‘act and dress her age’.

“Off the shoulder clothing is for YOUNG WOMEN not old women,” the woman named Jocelyn wrote.

“It makes her look like a street worker. It would be good to have a programe [sic] that gave the viewer facts and insight into New Zealand life.

“We turn off the television as soon as the news is finished because we cannot stand the two presenters.”

And, as expected, Hilary had an absolutely brilliant response.

“Jocelyn’s feedback on our new Seven Sharp photo got me thinking,” Hilary began.

“I’m not offended to be called a street worker. I’m not offended to be called old. I’m not even offended that you can’t stand me on tv.

“What I do take exception to is being told to act and dress my age. I am a 50 year old woman who will continue to wear exactly what I like.”

Adding, “Enough with the age-shaming. I’m embracing life. I’m pro-ageing not anti-ageing.”

Unsurprisingly, Hilary’s followers loved her response, Breakfast‘s Matty McLean commented: “You are ROCKING the off-the-shoulder look, babes xx.”

And renowned Kiwi chef Annabel Langbein added, “I’m with you Hilary 😊,” as are we!

Hilary and her husband Mike. (Image: Getty)

It’s unfortunately not the first time Hilary’s had some uninvited comments on her appearance.

In February last year, another viewer took to the Seven Sharp Facebook page to body shame the television presenter writing, “Check out those thighs… omg who is dressing these people.”

Hilary had a swift and brilliant response, as per usual.

“Hey Glenys, here’s a closeup of my thighs. I can send you a framed copy if you like, just reply with your address. Cheers, Hilary.”

Hilary then posted the image and response on Instagram with the message, “I’m comfortable in my own body and I hope you all are too. Let’s be proud of our thighs and hips and bums and bumpy bits. Heaven forbid they should be seen on tv.”

Here’s to Hilary! Not all heroes wear capes because you know what? They can dress however they like!

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