Gemma McCaw on letting your inner Wonder Woman shine

Girl power reigns! How to keep the sisterhood strong.

Blowing out someone else’s candles doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.

It’s an extraordinary time for women. There are so many amazing things we are achieving around the world in all aspects of life. But in order for women to keep succeeding, there is one thing we must stop doing that can hold us back – tearing each other down.

Instead of looking at other successful women and feeling diminished, we must lift up and support one another.

In the words of Lynda Carter, who played the original superhero, “Wonder Woman belongs to us all. She lives inside of us. She’s the symbol of the extraordinary possibilities that inhabit us, hidden though they may be.”

All we have to do is let her shine and see her in others too. There is enough room in the sky for us all to take flight and if one woman soars, it doesn’t mean your wings are clipped. When we empower each other, anything is possible.

Value yourself

Self-worth comes from within and having a solid foundation of good morals enables you to value what you bring to the table. When we focus on our strengths and keep striving to be better, it means we do not become hung up on our shortcomings. Try not to compare yourself to others and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

Share in the glad tidings

How do you respond when someone tells you their good news? The way in which we react either shares triumph and builds relationships or undermines them. The next time someone relays their good news, try to respond with enthusiasm and curiosity. Research suggests that those who share their wins, goals and plans are more likely to abandon and stop feeling good about what they’ve done if people respond badly to their news.

Stick with other positive women

For us to achieve our goals and be strong, we must share in the courageous tales of others. When we share stories of overcoming setbacks, hard work and difficulties, we give hope to others to get through their own. Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher. Oprah Winfrey once said, “True friends aren’t just there in the tough times, but the good ones too.”

Zero tolerance

Don’t tolerate abusive or demeaning behaviour among your colleagues, friends or family. Take a stand against it. The more people who can say no, the better we will become. Exercising real power comes from being able to have meaningful relationships and gain respect from others too.

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